Break Your Drinking Habits: 7 Days and 14 Ways Challenge

7 Visualizations, 7 Guest Speakers, 7 Mini Challenges

May 10th-16th @ 9a and 2p CST

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If You Are Like Most Women...

You’ve been poking around the sober curious space for a couple of years now.

Listening to podcasts. Reading Quit Lit memoirs. Following some alcohol-free instagrammers. You’ve maybe even bought a self-study program, or two, or three.

More than likely you've joined challenges, Dry July or January, alcohol free experiments only to find you are back where you started- drinking to relax, as a reward, to celebrate, or because it's a Wednesday evening.

And if one of those sounds like you, then you’re probably afraid of trying again, because of fear of failure.

I don’t have to tell you that the thing you’re most afraid beyond fear of failure is fear of what life looks like when you remove alcohol.

Are you going to miss out on the full experience of a 7 course meal with wine pairing or drinking wine in Paris? (even though neither of these things are on the books)

Will you ever relax again, or have any fun? Will your Type A personality stop controlling every detail in life if you don’t have alcohol to help?

But you are getting ahead of yourself. In fact, this is the exact reason you are right where you are, wondering, again, if you have a drinking problem.

If you give me 7 days, you will have 14 ways to observe your relationship with alcohol, and finally be able to answer the question “is alcohol serving me?" And not the outdated question, "Do I have a drinking problem?"

You’re invited to an intimate experience -- 7 Days and 14 Ways to Break Your Drinking Habit Challenge to reclaim pure fun, nourishing relaxation, and genuine connection without your go-to cocktail.

You are here to take an honest and necessary look at the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that are integrated into your habitual life.

Need content? No problem

If you are someone who wants to play full out and see how much you can actually achieve in this world, then you already know alcohol is the #1 thing getting in your way.

It takes a bold woman to walk out of the last year with eyes and heart wide open, ready for clarity and ready to live differently. Are you up for the challenge?

This is not like other online challenges where you turn off your video and continue to do 100 other things.

This is a movement where you come together with other women as a collective, stand up to patterns that dim your light and take you out of your body, and move you into the realm of impulsive action.

You are here to do the big work -- to break the familial patterns of overdrinking - to shine brightly so others know it’s safe to shine, too - to change the world because now more than ever the world needs you - a woman - in your power and clarity.

Your goal will be: To break out of the looped habitual patterns of over drinking, overspending, overeating, overcaretaking, and in general, overDOing. To break up the monotony of autopilot actions that diminish your power.ur growth.

Each day during the challenge you’ll be invited to 2 experiences and 1 action item
Mini 1:1 Session


A daily visualization + meditation

I start the morning with a brief talk to prepare you for the morning visualization and then lead you through a daily guided meditation/visualization LIVE on Zoom @ 9a CST. If you’re able to make it live on Zoom, great! It’s a beautiful way to start your day. If not, it will be recorded and sent out later that evening.

With my background in neurolinguisitic programming, visualization, and subconscious reprogramming, I will guide you through a daily experience to rewire your unconscious mind, gain clarity from your inner wisdom, leaving you feeling like you’ve received a big hug from your future self.


Daily Wisdom Mic Drops @ 2pm CST

Every single day of the challenge you will hear from women who have walked before you, have been exactly where you are, and who want to offer their shoulders for you to stand on. They will share wisdom of what worked for them, so you may take what works, and leave what doesn’t. You will get introduction emails of these bada** women in the alcohol-free, sober minded living space once you register!


A daily challenge item to practice

Every single day you will be given a challenge to put the tools we are providing into daily action (because come on, woman, your shed is full of rusty old tools. It's time to replace your rusty tools with new ones, and use them!) This is a time to have fun and play with other women in your community!! We take life way too seriously! Let’s practice letting go here!


Drinking Habit Assessment

Included in the challenge is a 1:1 mini session to figure out where you lie on the gray area spectrum of drinking with the host, Camille @thinkbeyondthedrink (spaces are limited-calendar link in welcome email)

What Would Be Possible...

If you woke up in the morning telling yourself you weren’t going to drink this evening, and you could trust the answer?

Let’s unveil the truth of your cravings, and embrace the discomfort that bubbles up in the absence of your habits.  

I believe the world needs women in their clarity and power now more than ever. We find this through trusting our intuition and innate wisdom. The fastest way for us to trust ourselves deeply again is by removing the crutch that keeps our light dim and that takes up way too much space. Let’s link arms, and do this thing! 

I don’t need to tell you the magnitude of what life is like on the other side of this 7 days, come and see for yourself.

Meet The Expert Line-Up:

Isabelle Tierney

How to ‘enjoy’ happy hour sans booze

May 10th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Amanda Kuda

Why You Are Living The Life You Want?

May 13th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Jenn Kautsch

Break Out of the Detox Just to Retox Cycle!

May 11th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Beverly Sartain

How to Make Peace With Your Past Once And For All.

May 14th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Casey Davidson

5 Secrets to (Successfully) Take a Break From Drinking (EVEN if you’ve failed in the past)

May 16th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Arlina Allen

Self-Esteem to End Self-Sabotage.

May 12th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

Kate Baily and Mandy Manners

What We Get Wrong When Talking About Self-care

May 15th, 2021 @ 2pm CST

About Your Host

Camille @thinkbeyondthedrink is a momma of two adorable boys, and in a hot monogamous relationship for almost two decades. She has been in the health and wellness field for 20 years, in primary care provider for 11 years, and hypocrite-free for 4 years! Meaning, she has been right where you are. Wanting to break the make-up-the-break-up-cycle with alcohol once a for all. She helps the high-achieving social overdrinker learn to unwind, have fun and connect without instinctively reaching for your go-to cocktail by creating a life you don't want to numb. She does this through the COZY Method in 100 day containers to once and for all break your drinking habit.

Let Me Ask You:

  • How much time do you think about drinking or spend recovering  from a night of drinking? 
  • How much deep  rejuvenating sleep are you missing by having that one more glass of wine and waking up at 3 am with a dry mouth dreading to start the day?
  • How much more energy would you have for your relationships with yourself and others, career, finances, fun, play and travel if you didn’t think about drinking? 
  • How will you know when enough is enough? 

Here's What Past Challenge Participants Have Said:

I am rethinking the drink. This is huge. I am not saying I will never drink again but I will be conscious of what I'm doing. Thank you Camille.

- LD

Over the 4 years I have been drinking I have actively researched and sought out as much information as I could possibly get my hands on to have an "intellectual and emotional"shift/epiphany/aha moment. Your research, delivery as well as your genuine and generous spirit has shifted something in my core.

- Jeannie

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the challenge. You led us through it beautifully and all the prompts and tasks were thought provoking and interesting. It was so reassuring to hear other people’s stories and to be encouraged to engage and share. Thank you so much.

- Shelley, UK